What customers are saying

Over the years many customers have emailed us to say how happy they are with FotoJournal. It’s truly rewarding, and we’d love to hear from you, too! Drop us a line at hello@myfotojournal.com

I love FotoJournal. The layout is beautiful and professional. Most importantly, it’s user friendly. It’s easy to upload and personalize. I can concentrate on creating blogs and not on maintenance. A must have for professional photographers!

— Nikki Lewis

I love using FotoJournal for my blogs – the ease to use the site, the design options available and the super support given by the FotoJournal team is excellent! I highly recommend FotoJournal.

— Vi Warkentin

As a photographer, when choosing resources the first thing I think of is simplicity. Fotojournal for me, is exactly that. Upload photos, set some tags, choose a thumbnail, write some words, hit Publish and its done! It would have to be one of the most user friendly tools I use for my studio and I love it.

— Robyn Swallow

I searched high and low blogging option and FINALLY found FotoJournal. I knew it had to be straightforward, easily customizable, and friendly to those of us who don’t code or I was never going to make the time to blog. FotoJournal has been all of that and more! I couldn’t be happier with the service and the customer support.

— Lisa Robinson

Fotojournal has helped me interact with past and present clients in many ways! My clients love seeing their photos appear on my blog and share the link with their family & friends. I love how easy it is to upload my images and customize my blog so that I can continue sharing my recent work with others. FotoJournal has amazing customer services as well – always able to answer your questions in a timely manner and help you figure out solutions! I have been using FotoJournal for many years now and can’t imagine using another blog to share my work. With the help of FotoJournal – I have been able to grow my business in just a few short years and am excited to continue to do so! Thank-you!

— Katie Thompson

I have been using FotoJournal for almost two years now. I love the level of customer service ( I always get a prompt reply to any inquiries) and I love how easy the initial setup was, along with the simplicity of maintaining my blog. I am not at all technically savvy but FotoJournal makes me feel like an old pro at blogging! Less time trying to figure out my blog… and more time creating beautiful images to add to it!

— Elsie Reide

FotoJournal has been a great blog! It’s very easy to use, with loading lots of photos! Excited about being able to customize my blog even more now! Thank you!

— Heather Prosser

FotoJournal has the best customer service team I’ve ever encountered! Their response has always been quick and provided me with practical solutions. I know that I’m valued as a member of FotoJournal!

— Kristi Etcheverry

I can simply say FotoJournal Rocks! I have been with them since day 1, since I started my photography business, and will be with them for a long time. I love the prompt attention they have when I am going thru an issue or question about the site. They give you tips, ideas, etc. I love the way their back end tool its so practical for you to use and something that is really great, the ability and freedom they give you to design your website just the way you want it! It is perfect for me. It is perfect for my business. I so deeply recommend it to all aspiring-hobbyist-professional-just because Photographers. A big SOS to all the help desk associates that are always there to help me out! Keep up the great work!

— Carolina Duarte

I love fotojournal for the amazing customer service (seriously I also love how easy it is to upload my photos and then blog them!

— Rebecca McKay

I love FotoJournal’s classic and clean looking blog layouts. It makes my photos pop, without detracting from them, and my style of photography more attractive to potential clients.

— Allison Anderson

FotoJournal’s easy user interface and quality design/style allows me to make quick striking blog posts without losing time spent on editing and shooting. Using FotoJournal has sliced my time investment for blogs in half… without loosing the slick minimal and easy to use blog design that I desire…. and the simple integration with Google Analytics gives me instant feedback on my market.

— Ryan Parker

I’ve been using fotojournal for a couple of years now. It started as a way to get up recent photos that were different from my portfolio. Recently I’ve been shooting a lot of weddings and I really wanted a place to prominently display that work in a clean scrolling design that puts the photos first. Fotojournal is perfect for this! Not only is fotojournal a great platform where I can send clients to view recent work but dealing with both Kyle and Tim is honestly like dealing with two friends. They are incredibly responsive and remarkably accommodating! I will be a loyal customer for years to come.

— Nick Otto

I love FotoJournal cause it has made it much easier for me to have a manageable website. Easy to use..I like that!

— Mindy Altman

FotoJournal is an intuitive, accessible, and clean platform that allows me to focus on what’s important: my craft. The client support is super helpful, making it so easy for me to create a professional blog without worrying about its tech intricacies. Win win!

— Blythe Leslie

I am one of the first users of FotoJournal and have found it an extremely simple interface to work with. The large images that are displayed are exactly what I was looking for in a blog. Customer service from FotoJournal is excellent and prompt and I highly recommend them.

— Rachel Johnson

I was in search of a photo hosting site that would be easy for me and my clients to use. When I came across MyFotoJournal and realized how simple it was I had to try it. My site looks professional and my clients love the look and ease!! I am truly GRATEFUL I came I use MyFotoJournal!!!!

— Camille Turnetine

I love FotoJournal because their blogs helped my SEO rankings with minimal work on my end! I also love love the easy and streamlined interface and most of all the sleek modern design with BIG pictures of my blog. It is an amazing way to display my most recent photography sessions!

— Carli Canata

FotoJournal is a great way to grow your photography business. What I like best is that it is very user friendly and was easy to build my own site.

— Tiffany Rudd

As soon as I saw Fotojournal on a friend’s website, I had to sign up. They were still in their beta version then I think. I had tried other blogs but they didn’t really serve the photographer very well. Fotojournal is geared to showcase your work in a very simple design. It’s easy to use and the customer support has been friendly and quick over the years. Whenever I meet photographers just starting out I tell them to start here, these days your blog has to shine more than our website.

— Nicola Davidson

FotoJournal’s SEO is strong and gets search engines to find you. I’ve been with them since early on and their commitment to updates and providing the tools and education for photographers is unseen. They just get it!

— Fred Lopez

I love how quick and easy my FotoJournal page is to set up and maintain on the go!

— Kristen M. Caldon

I love using FotoJournal because it displays my work so beautifully! The formats allow for large, striking images. Kyle and Tim from FotoJournal are always friendly and ready to help. It’s been a pleasure to use this blog.

— Melanie Smith

I enjoy using FotoJournal because not only is it user friendly, but it’s simple and professional looking. Clean, modern & sleek! The staff are SUPER friendly and helpful, even when I have silly questions while working into the wee hours and my brain is a fog. Three years in and I’m sticking around for more! :)
Thanks FotoJournal!

— Suzanne Hein

I’ve used Fotojournal for the past four years now because it is by far the easiest platform to use with the nicest design templates. I love how big I’m allowed to display my photos and that the Fotojournal team makes it so easy to customize anything. I’m hooked!

— Aminah Syed

I love the ease of use, and I REALLY love how amazing the photo uploader is. Both of these things were our main reasons for switching to FotoJournal over 5 years ago!

— Jim + Ravyn Stadick.

“I love how easy and simple FotoJournal is! With my other blogs I’ve used my images never looked this good and I love the quality it provides. Being able to link my images to Pinterest is a huge plus in my book. Kyle & Tim, the owners, are pretty awesome as well! They add the extra personal touch that small business owners like to have instead of just feeling like you are another customer.”

— Melissa Kochan

I love FotoJournal because it’s easy to use and looks professional. The customer service is exceptional. Whenever I need help I get an answer right away. It’s a great value for everything you get. I highly recommend FotoJournal to any photographer.

— Elizabeth Burgi

FotoJournal allows me to focus more in providing great photos for my audiences instead of drowning with all the backend settings for my website. The best part of FotoJournal is that it is backed by renowned and promising photographers from around the world who just want to share their beautiful work with rest.

— Redza Ridzuan

FotoJournal is a great blogging platform for photographers. I love the big, beautiful photo display and the simple user interface. Their customer service team is exceptional, you can always bounce questions off them and get quick, helpful answers.

— Michelle Redus

FotoJournal has been great for my business. The SEO portion especially. Whenever I do a blog post I seem to get an enquiry shortly thereafter! I don’t know how they do it, but it all works! Their platform is easy to use and the design is simple. Highly recommended!

— Linka van As